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Ich halte meine Preise in diesen schwierigen wirtschaftlichen Zeiten niedrig.

  • Ich erstelle ein persönliches individuelles Schild oder einen Artikel nach Ihren eigenen Ideen.

  • Bei Budget und Design arbeite ich eng mit meinen Kunden zusammen.

  • Ihrer Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt, lassen Sie uns etwas damit erschaffen.  


Klicken Sie auf einen der Links oben auf dieser Seite, um zu sehen, was ich zu bieten habe.

  Besuchen Sie meine Galerie , um meine bisherigen Arbeiten zu sehen.

The CNC Router Wood Carvings take a very long time to create. I pay special attention to the details of the wood carvings, painting, and final finish.  

2nd Amendment Eagle Holding Rifles Locked and Loaded
Yoda Wood Carving "may the force be with you"
Wood Carving of Train With Scrolled Flourishes and Frame
Wooden carving of grizzly breaking through Wood

The Custom Wood Camping signs are unique and created from your ideas and specifications and will be different than all the rest. I will create your custom wood camping sign to any shape or subject matter.

The maximum width I can cut is: 32", but the length can be much more by tiling the material through the back of my CNC.


To view additional ideas for your sign:

 visit the Wood Camping Signs page.


You can also check out my gallery to view work I have done.

Cortese Creations Custom Moose Sign
Custom Mountain and Pines Sign
Custom Pumpkin Fest Sign
The Reusser Cabin 12-10-21_edited.jpg
Baby Raccoons in tree custom sign
Carved Buck and Turkey Custom Sign
Custom Camp Sign Wigh Fox

My Custom House Name Signs are very personal and are created according to your specifications.  Have a custom sign made for your business, camp, or home. I will work closely with you on design and budget.  Your satisfaction is my primary goal.

Visit my Custom House Name Signs shop page to view ready to order items.

Personal house sign with dog portraits
Cortese Creations Custom Busines Sign
Sea Shore Custom Sign
Custom wood carved raccoon sign
Custom wood carved bear sign

My Fine Art Paintings are created from my imagination or rendered from a photo.  I can paint on wood, roofing slate, or canvas.  Pricing varies according to the size, complexity, and amount of time I spend on it. I will love to create a custom paining for you.

 Visit my gallery to view more of my work.

Cute Black Bear Acrylic Painting
Buffallo Pastel Painting
Blue Jay Bird Acrylic Painting

These Wooden household items are high quality.  I pay special attention to the fine details of the wood and color.  I promise you will be very happy with your purchase. 

Visit my Wooden Household Items shop page to see what is available for immediate sale. 

Items are constantly changing, so check back on a regular basis. 

Wooden Napkin Holder Hands Holding Bread
carved black bear sconce set front view
carved wooden howling wolf wall sconce
Solid maple carved rustic log clock with leaves and acorns
Solid maple carved rustic log clock with leaves and acorns black hands
Solid Oak Carved rustic log clock with pine cones and gold highlights
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